Delia Matache is an iconic figure of Romanian music and a complete artist with stunning performances. Innovative and fresh, always one step ahead of trends, Delia had an incredible evolution. She is a constant presence in the radio charts and the author of some of the most successful songs on the market, such as „Da, mamă!” and „Nu e vina mea”. Delia really knows how to touch every inch of your soul with her romantic lyrics („Gura ta”) and at the same time she knows when to bring forth a strong woman’s vibe („Rămâi cu mă-ta”). Chameleonic and inspiring, Delia is a real acknowledged style icon with outstanding shows, a cool attitude and amazing style, pushing herself to always create something more. Whether she is a hopeless romantic, a rebel soul, or a powerful woman, Delia continues to surprise with everything she does, from the songs that she composes, to her unique performances and astonishing looks.

Many years of study and intense work made Delia the musician that she is today: writing her own music, playing the flute, doing her own shows, making every public appearance an unforgettable experience. Moreover, she is the only Romanian artist with specialized studies, graduating „Dinu Lipatti” Music High school and subsequently attending classes at the Bucharest Conservatory of Music. Her music experience dates back to early 2000s when she was part of the band N&D and released songs that every Romanian knows by heart: „Vino la mine”, „Nu vreau să te pierd”, „Nu e vina mea”. In 2003, Delia chose to pursue a solo career that successfully began with hits like „Parfum de fericire”, „Secretul Mariei”, „Dale” or „Omadeo”, her first compositions, and a collaboration with Smiley, another famous Romanian musician. Her increasing success led to a growing popularity and the release of one hit after another: „Pe aripi de vânt”, „Inima nu vrea” (feat. Horia Brenciu), „Cum ne noi” (feat. Carla’s Dreams), „Gura ta” (feat. Deepcentral).